Study suggests vitamin D derivative may provide alternative treatment for hair loss Published on February 9, 2017 by Life Science Daily News Desk
A derivative of activated vitamin D may help to manage hair loss caused by alopecia areata (AA), according to a new study. AA is a condition in which the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, resulting in the loss of clumps of hair, and occasionally, baldness. The disorder currently affects approximately 6.8 million people in […]
Hair loss in women
Female hair loss is an issue frequently seen and can at times, prove a challenging problem to solve! A trend towards this type of hair loss seems to be quite apparent in recent years, indeed research has shown that as many as 1 in 4 women can experience hair loss of this kind. As a […]
Is your hair healthy?
Most people characterise ‘unhealthy’ hair when it feels Course, rough or brittle in texture and looks dry in appearance with breaks or splits in the hair shaft. This is in fact damaged hair that has endured external treatments that have caused the condition to deteriorate. Looking after, the hair with a good hair care regime […]
Grey Discovery
Scientists for the first time have identified the gene responsible for the process of hair losing its colour and turning grey. The study, which was led by researchers at University College London, also found genes relevant to dense eyebrows and beards. Dr Kaustubh Adhikari author on the study said that “this is the first time […]
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Mid Kent Trichology privacy notice policy.

Mid Kent Trichology is committed to protecting and respecting client privacy. Discretion is an important part of the service provided and encourage the privacy policy be read by enquirers and users. This policy along with the Terms and Conditions sets out the basis by which personal information is collected from the enquirer, users and customers and then used by us.

Information from email forms.

A standard email contact form only captures an enquirer’s name and email address along with IP address of the computer used to make the request. No cookies are captured.

No information is stored on a database or passed on to anyone else.

Email address or contact details are only used for the clinic to contact the enquirer regarding the services and appointments. When visiting this website, it does not automatically collect any information about the user.

Several means of contact are provided including telephone, email and postal address through which enquiries and appointments can be made.

Where contact is made via telephone, calls to the landline 01634 780554 are answered directly by Mid Kent Trichology staff or in clinic voice mail message service, here you will be given the opportunity to leave your contact information, the message will be erased after use if it is no longer required by us. Details of appointments made are kept in a diary and deleted after no longer required unless ongoing treatment is required or as long as necessary to comply with tax legislation. Personal details collected, will only be used for the purposes of the clinic and its services.

During an initial appointment to visit the clinic and meet with a Trichologist, you will be provided with a short questionnaire covering your contact information, history of medical conditions, medicines and treatments currently being received, alongside any allergies you may suffer from. You will be asked to give consent for these details to be entered into your case history, alongside information and observations regarding your hair and scalp type. Family history of hair loss or relevant medical conditions, and any hair or scalp conditions you may be suffering from. This consent forms our legal basis for handling your data for the purpose of applicable data protection laws under the conditions and obligations of General Data Protection regulations.

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