Jane Mayhead MIT

Institute registered Trichologist

Specialist in hair problems and scalp disorders

Welcome to Mid Kent Trichology

After graduating from the Institute of Trichologists in 1993, Jane has since worked at some of the UK’s most respected hair clinics in London and the south-east of England.

With considerable experience and many years in both the Trichology and hair industry, she has a wealth of knowledge in hair loss and scalp problems. Her dedication to helping people has led to providing a wig advisory service with supply and management for those with extensive hair loss.

Jane offers a sympathetic and sensitive service to all aspects of hair loss and scalp issues. She has a special focus on underlying factors, with nutrition forming a large part of her service and treatment advice, this to ensure patients’ wider health is considered. Expertly formulated by a specialist pharmacist with bespoke ingredients guided by Jane, a senior trichologist.


Losing hair can be very emotional, cause distress and is often dismissed as cosmetic. There are many misunderstandings about its causes and treatment. Mid Kent Trichology work with a specialist pharmacist and senior trichologist to ensure the best treatments for your hair loss.

From a simple hair assessment to a fully bespoke analysis, and rather than relying on the basic products, a service is provided for a range of specialist selected ingredients. Choose from a range of tablets or topically applied solutions.

All hair loss products are prescription only provided by the specialist pharmacist. If you currently use prescription hair loss medication and would like to review this or change for different option, then call the clinic for a consultation.

Female hair thinning

Telogen Effluvium

Alopecia Areata

Traction Alopecia

Male hair loss

Problems with the scalp, ranging from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions, occupy much of the trichologists time. These can be tricky to deal with but do often respond well to the appropriate regime.

Scalp Itching


Atopic Eczema

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis


Damage and problems with texture can be caused by over exposure to heat, strong chemicals or by many other stresses and strains to which we subject our tresses. A tailor made care regime can be designed for you to enjoy once again healthy looking hair. With express hair analysis to a full and in-depth hair analysis service with the specialist equipment from hair know how, with magnification images and comprehensive data with better insights into hair health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trichology?

Trichology is the science and study of hair.

Clinical trichology is the analysis and treatment of disorders affecting the hair and scalp.

Why consult a Trichologist?

Currently there are numerous products available and Sometimes it seems easy to self treat when a problem occurs. Often there may be short term benefit but where the condition persists specialist care is needed. The reason is the problems are frequently the result of underlying changes.

The holistic approach is where an individuals hair and scalp condition is related to body changes or external factors. Health, diet and lifestyle all play a part in producing changes and disturbing metabolism. Certain types of hairloss can be caused by vitamin or mineral imbalances. Misuse of products may cause damage to the hair and or scalp.

The clinic treats conditions and problems in both the corrective and preventative sense and will determine the underlying causes, once diagnosed the trichologist can then recommend a treatment program for both home and clinic visits.

What is your approach to Trichology?

The Trichology clinic offers a holistic approach to hair and scalp health care. Advice and treatment are available. Clinic and home therapy is recommended after an initial consultation. Combined with trichological products tailored to individual need.

What happens at the initial consultation?

A detailed case history is conducted with a thorough scalp examination, which may include samples for microscopic examination. Once all the information and examination is completed a preliminary diagnosis can be made for the condition. Treatment for the problem can then be discussed or further tests may be needed to confirm or complete the diagnosis such as blood analysis. The consultation is private and not available on the NHS.

About Jane Mayhead MIT

Jane Graduated from the Institute of Trichologists in 1993.

A consulting Trichologist for London’s famous Hale clinic for many years, Jane also runs a local practice in her Kent home town, where she has campaigned for women with Alopecia, and set up a support group there. Her Sensitive and sympathetic treatment of the subject has made her popular with patients. Her Holistic approach is well received, and her attention to dietary issues has proved especially popular. She also consults at Harley St London.

Jane also shares her expertise and has written newsletters, provides lectures in salons throughout the South East of England, advising on subjects such as Alopecia, wigs, replacement systems, scalp problems and damage caused by hairdressing.

Jane has a range of her own specialist products which treat many difficult scalp problems.

In the Media

Jane has featured in many media articles, writing on topics such as alopecia, in publications including The Daily Mirror, The Metro, The Times, Best Magazine, Prima, Chat, Health Magazine and numerous local publications. She also writes about the subjects on websites including Hair and Scalp Expert. Jane also featured as the Trichologist for the Regaine for women campaign. She attended as speaker for the press launch in London addressing the media about Androgenic Alopecia. She then featured as the ‘Ask the Expert’ on the website.

Jane has also appeared on The Chrissy B show.


Your Top Hair Thinning Questions, Answered By A Trichologist

Why Washing Your Hair Less Won’t Prevent Hair Loss

Fees & Location

Initial Consultation – 1 hour from £95.00

Further Consultations /follow ups – up to 30 mins £45.00

Jane is currently Consulting and treating at

The Maylan Centre

62A High Street



01634 780554


Also available for consultations in

The Private Clinic of

Harley Street



Contact the clinic for advice or to make an appointment.

Additional Services

Hair Replacement Clinic Where appropriate, the Trichologist can give full advice and referral to restoration / transplant surgeons.

A non-surgical replacement service is available for those seeking to replace or gain added hair in the form of volumisers or wigs.

From a fully bespoke to ready made wig or hair piece there is a wide choice available.

Patch cover items can also be made. Full wig fitting guidance and support is also provided.

Advice and support can also be given to those suffering habitual pulling or loss due to treatment like chemotherapy. There is a special service that Jane provides for people having chemotherapy and may require a wig in South East England. Contact the clinic for details

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how Trichology works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to the clinic.

You can also call the clinic on 01634 780554

I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.