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Flaky/Itchy Scalp Regime A

Exhaustive research and trial has resulted in this advanced formula shampoo. Its use is for controlling flaking and to alleviate itchy scalps. This mild but highly effective shampoo will leave hair shiny and manageable. Gentle enough for everyday use for all hair types. Use daily to bring under control and then once or twice a week in place of your regular shampoo to control symptoms.

‘Restore and recover’ the overall condition and health of the scalp. A mild but effective treatment cream. This gentle emollient contains wheat germ to sooth and help control flaking and itching. Its moisturising abilities relieve dryness on your scalp and will improve hair texture. Has a mild fragrance and is suitable for all hair types. Used prior to washing on the scalp and can be used on the hair.

x 2 bottles 1 cream 1 shampoo

Flaky/Itchy Scalp Regime B

Cream formulation for removing and/or relieving itchy scalps. This mild but effective cream will leave the scalp clear of flakes. Used regularly will bring the scalp condition under control. To be used in conjunction with treatment shampoo to control symptoms.

x 2 items 1 shampoo 1 pot cream

Vega Hair Skin & Nails Formula

This is an excellent protein building food supplement to promote optimal hair skin and nail health. In addition it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for building strong hair skin and nails. Hair in particular requires protein vitamins and minerals for its formation. Iron is an important mineral to hair and vitamin C is important to aid its absorption. To be taken as food supplement - Adults 1-2 capsules daily.

60 capsules £14.00

Privacy Notice

Mid Kent Trichology privacy notice policy.

Mid Kent Trichology is committed to protecting and respecting client privacy. Discretion is an important part of the service provided and encourage the privacy policy be read by enquirers and users. This policy along with the Terms and Conditions sets out the basis by which personal information is collected from the enquirer, users and customers and then used by us.

Information from email forms.

A standard email contact form only captures an enquirer's name and email address along with IP address of the computer used to make the request. No cookies are captured.

No information is stored on a database or passed on to anyone else.

Email address or contact details are only used for the clinic to contact the enquirer regarding the services and appointments. When visiting this website, it does not automatically collect any information about the user.

Several means of contact are provided including telephone, email and postal address through which enquiries and appointments can be made.

Where contact is made via telephone, calls to the landline 01634 780554 are answered directly by Mid Kent Trichology staff or in clinic voice mail message service, here you will be given the opportunity to leave your contact information, the message will be erased after use if it is no longer required by us. Details of appointments made are kept in a diary and deleted after no longer required unless ongoing treatment is required or as long as necessary to comply with tax legislation. Personal details collected, will only be used for the purposes of the clinic and its services.

During an initial appointment to visit the clinic and meet with a Trichologist, you will be provided with a short questionnaire covering your contact information, history of medical conditions, medicines and treatments currently being received, alongside any allergies you may suffer from. You will be asked to give consent for these details to be entered into your case history, alongside information and observations regarding your hair and scalp type. Family history of hair loss or relevant medical conditions, and any hair or scalp conditions you may be suffering from. This consent forms our legal basis for handling your data for the purpose of applicable data protection laws under the conditions and obligations of General Data Protection regulations.

Disclosure of your information

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