What My Clients Say

"I was very impressed with Jane's knowledge and expertise when I visited her recently about concerns about my hair. She explained everything to me so I understood what was causing my problems. She was re-assuring and put my mind at rest."

Kim O.

"We met the very informed Trichologist, Jane and her expert advice and help was very welcomed. Dealing with alopecia areata will always be very stressful for any young child. But conveying this matter and possible solutions in a vernacular one can understand really helps de-stress the anxiety one has to live with in the sort term."

Peter S.

What My Clients Say

"Jane was very informative and made me feel comfortable. I'm excited to see the changes over the next few months! Would reccomend for anyone who needs expert advice and guidance!"

Amy D.

"Excellent consultation with Jane, really friendly and knowledgeable and gave me some great suggestions."

Hayley K.