Hair loss in women

Female hair loss is an issue frequently seen and can at times, prove a challenging problem to solve!

A trend towards this type of hair loss seems to be quite apparent in recent years, indeed research has shown that as many as 1 in 4 women can experience hair loss of this kind.

As a Trichologist I see this issue daily. Often presenting as a Diffuse (widespread) hair loss. Telogen Effluvium either acute or chronic (over 6 months’ duration) is the most common. Another common problem is Female pattern hair loss, which is the now more preferred term for Androgenic Alopecia.

These two conditions can be largely confused and are all too frequently misunderstood. The exact causes of either is relatively unknown but many studies have been done to look into the most likely.

Frustratingly though, no cause is found in approximately one third of Telogen effluvium cases leaving many confused.
Female pattern hair loss can be very varied in its progression and severity resulting in many sufferers feeling quite desperate.
For the Trichologist it is several areas that are investigated and wider treatment options that bring about the best results for women.
Investigations are most important before any treatment can be decided upon. This will include, among other things, a detailed case history which may indicate the cause of the hair loss and would usually have occurred some 6 to 8 weeks before the hair begins any noticeable shedding.

The condition Telogen effluvium, usually presents with an increased number of hairs in the grooming and washing process, sometimes even blocking the plug! In some cases, thinning of the hair is observed resulting in less dense hair causing much anxiety. Fear of washing the hair can then lead to further problems with the hair /scalp and even more noticeable hair fall when eventually the hair is washed.
Female pattern hair loss is presented by more of the scalp becoming visible and wider partings observed over time rather than a sudden hair fall.

Seeing a Trichologist will include various examinations to exclude other types of hair loss and to determine if any hairdressing practices or scalp issues are causing or adding to the problem.

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